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HTC 5G Hub - Sprint's 1st 5G Hotspot

Sprint Product Ambassador

We had not heard of HTC for quite sometime. They have been trying to get themselves sorted out for over a year or so. It seems they are getting back in the groove because the 5G Hub is just what the doctor ordered.


Not everybody in our audience would buy a hotspot as it is not included in more of our plans, so one has to wonder what makes this device unique? I can tell you, this is no ordinary hotspot.


Hotspots usually are very helpful when you travel a lot and need to use a non-cellular device like a laptop or a tablet, or if your home internet is down, you could fire up your hotspot for your crucial tasks until service is back up. But most hotspots are boring, as they are single use tools. They provide a way for your non-cellular devices to connect to a cellular wireless network via Wi-Fi, sort of what your home router does.


Which is why I believe HTC chose to call this a Hub, rather than a hotspot. Let us explore some of these reasons:

The HTC 5G Hub, obviously has something other hotspots don't (today at least), and that is access to Sprint's truly mobile 5G network. Currently in limited markets and growing fast, the Hub can access speeds north of 600 mbps in good coverage, pretty cool huh?  But the Hub can do a lot more than just be a simple hotspots.

Most hotspots cannot handle more than 5 wifi devices, HTC's can handle up to 20! It is mainly designed to be a whole home or small office solution, with Android.

Now why is that important? Well, having Android as its OS opens up the device to a world of possibilities, such as watching videos. Oh did I forget to mention its got a 5" 720p touchscreen. This device, although a bit awkward, can be used as a mini tablet. So you can watch your favorite content on the device it self!

I also believe, and I have not yet tested this, that it can be used as a Google Home device (similar to a mini). As most Android devices out the gate now come with Google Assistant built in, this device could be used as a Google Home device replacement. Oh and it has a pretty decent speaker too, how else would you watch videos on it?


So I am just starting to get a handle on how versatile this device can be and will be sharing my experience on ease of use and other cool features I run into. But for now, consider this a hotspot on steroids with a touchscreen you can watch videos on.


-- Your Product Ambassador team