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Hands on with Moto Mods: Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Motorola Z2 Force has some unique things going for it that separate the device from others in the crowded flagship device market. There is the ultra thin design, dual rear cameras, and of course, there is the guaranteed shatterproof screen.


In addition to these items, there are the variety of attachments known as Moto Mods. These allow you to uniquely upgrade your device with a variety of attachments. These are held to the phone magnetically allowing for a quick transformation.


I recently had an opportunity to get some hands on time with several of the mods and have to say the ease of attaching and the quality of each were indeed impressive.

IMG_20170830_122936565_LL-COLLAGE.jpgHands on with Moto Mods

Most surprising to me was the insta-share projector mod which at time of launch of the Z2 is being offered as a free accessory with proof of purchase directly from Motorola. At 50 lumens for brightness, this is for sure not going to replace your high-end projector but for in a pinch presentation or fun backyard movie gathering, it might just do the trick.  


The resolution is VGA quality at 480P and it has built in 1100 mAh battery to provide up to an hour boost of time. Full retail price is $299 which seems really expensive but if you are lucky to get it for free as part of the new purchase promotion you have done very well indeed.


My next favorite mod that actually has a decent price is the JBL speaker. My affinity for JBL goes a long way back and I have always found their speakers to be of high quality. Like the projector, this mod comes with a 1000 mAh battery for an added boost. The added bulk and weight of this attachment was not as much as I imagined and the handy little kickstand is terrific to get the speakers at just the right angle to project the sound. It also provides a good angle for watching a video. This mode is affordable at a retail price of $79.99.


The next intriguing attachment is the very expensive at $299.99 Hasselblad True Zoom camera attachment. With this gadget, you will add a 10X optical zoom and xenon flash. It also transforms the Z2 with a real camera like feel thanks to the grip and the button for taking picks. Like the projector, I think the price point requires you to be highly motivated to gain these benefits.


One popular criticism of the Z2 is the battery which is rated at 2730 mAh. The device also out of the box is not capable of wireless charging. Trust me. Once you have had a device with wireless charging you will grow to really like it.


Both of these challenges can be addressed with Mods. First, there is Moto Style Shell + Plus Wireless charging. The attachment allows the device to charge wirelessly at 10W speeds via a Qi or PMA charging pad. (not included) The price for this addition is $39.99


Want an extended battery? There are a few options for this including the TurboPower mod which comes with an extra 3490 mAh of battery and is compatible with the quick charger that comes with the Moto Z2. This is extended battery comes in at a whopping $79.99.


Are you a gamer wanting to make the most of the 5.5” Quad HD screen, 835 processor, 2.35 GHz Octa-Core CPU, Adreno GPU, and 4GB RAM?  The moto gamepad, which I did not get to demo, looks pretty amazing and worth the $79.99 price tag. A big advantage to this as an attachment is that it does not rely on Bluetooth thanks to the direct connection to the Z2. This is a mod that looks to really add value to the device experience and I am looking forward to checking out one of these in the future.


The final mod that is got to spend some hands on time with was the 360-degree camera. Like the other mods, the magnetics make it really cool just to pop it on and start shooting. As my first experience with a camera of this type, I was impressed with the ease of use and the quality of the video. Seeing myself? Not so much.


Like the projector and Hasselblad True Zoom, this mod has a way out there price of $299.99 so there needs to be some serious consideration by most consumers on the value vs the price.  


Finally, there are style shells starting as low as $19.99. These look nice, provide for some device personalization and more importantly add some bulk to the ultra-thin backing that protects the protruding camera. This is a shell and not a case so the impact protection value of this add-on is very limited. Be thankful for the unbreakable screen.


Overall, I found each of the mods to be intriguing with the speaker and the gamepad as accessories I would be willing to purchase. The high-end mods to me miss the mark for most budgets.

Want to learn more or perhaps purchase a mod? Here is a link to the official Motorola Mod site.


Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. sprintemployee