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How does the Note 10+ rate when it comes to dirt and water?

Sprint Product Ambassador

There is no surprise that having a phone with capabilities to go underwater is trending. How does the Note 10+ add up when it comes to underwater adventures. The note 10plus comes with an IP68 rating carried over on many of the devices Samsung has released recently. What does that mean one may ask? Commonly known as Ingress Protection or the real technical term is International Protection Marking. In simple terms, it is a measurement of how well testers rated the device against not just water exposure but also dirt. The numbers that follow IP each stand for different parts of rating so the “6” is the highest rating a device can obtain in the category regarding how the device against a solid object so the 6 means the note 10+ is dust tight with no ingress of dust. The “8” is the rating that represents how well the device is protected against moisture and the level of n8 is also at the top meaning that the Note 10+ is able to tolerate complete immersion at a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30mins. With that being said although I fear actually testing this device myself as there is not actually any warranty against water damage. I have seen several tests done by other device owners and Samsungs note 10+ surpasses several competitors when it comes to withstanding water.



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