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I Remember Memory Cards...

Sprint Product Ambassador

After using this phone for the last few weeks I have become a believer in it's ability to be a competent and credible entry for the customer that is looking for a smartphone that checks a lot of boxes in usability and features without sacrificing your wallet.




One thing the phone lacks out of the box is memory.  Out of the box it comes with 16GB of memory but only around 8GB of that is actually available for the user after the operating system and preloaded apps such as GMail and My Sprint are installed.  There actually is very minimal "bloatware" on this device with only a few Amazon, Facebook, and Sprint Apps pre installed.  Everything can also either be uninstalled or disabled.  


Moto Memory.pngMemory left after installing a few apps and games.

But here is the good news!  Motorola gave us something that a lot of higher priced phones have dropped in recent years.  The memory card slot.

Located in the back of the phone accessible when the battery is removed,  the Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card slot will let you expand your memory up to 128GB more.


Moto Memory 2.jpgEasy Install of Memory Card

Once the card is installed you can move large files and games to the memory card as if they were on internal storage.  Do do that all you need to do is go into Settings --> Storage --> click on the SD Card Name --> Click on the 3 dot menu in the top right --> Choose "Storage Settings" and click to Format as Internal.  


Moto Memory 3.pngMenu allowing you to make your SD card act as internal storage.

After that any large games or apps that you install will automatically be routed to the extra storage or things you have already installed can be moved as you can see from this screen of one of my favorite games Osmos HD.  


Moto Memory 4.pngI saved over half a Gigabyte of data moving this to the SD card!

So in closing while out of the box for those of us that like to load up on apps or take a lot of pictures may have some challenges, there is an easy fix!  The Micro SD card is back in a big way and makes one small limitation of this phone a non issue.  


Let me know in the comments how you fill up your memory!