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LG G6 - Dolby Vision Exclsuive

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G6 - Dolby Vision




All devices are created equal right? Wrong, all devices appear to be equal though they are not. Yes, they are made of similar parts, they all have batteries, processors, screen drivers etc... But not all these parts function the same. Take the display, it has been increased in size, the dots per square inch has becoming greater. But do all pictures look the same on every device even when these features match. The answer is no. Each device displays an output based on the parameters the manufacturer wants. That's why some colors appear to be warmer on some devices and cooler on others. Images are also not as crisp but muted when displayed. LG wanted to bring in something different and they did with Dolby Vision.


Dolby Vision is Dolby's High Dynamic Range (HDR) image enhancement for smartphones and LG G6 is the first to have it. It enhances the devices color brightness, color, contrast, detail and dimensionality.  Dolby takes into account the abilities of the phone and then through the use of its additional meta data embedded in the video it can manipulate the devices output to provide a consistent experience no matter what device you are on.




Dolby Vision can work on any display since it is not hardware specific but is software based. The goal was to make a great picture appear the same on every device you are watching from. Therefore the same video watched on a 4k television will have a similar output on the LG G6 phone. Though the mobile device does not have the full color gamut available Dolby Vision takes this consideration in when it enhances the quality of the picture. Colors with the Dolby Vision appear warmer to the eyes along with details become crisper because Dolby Vision brightens or dims the screen based on the scene being shown. Dolby Vision metadata embedded in the video allows the software to decode frame by frame details allowing for a more adaptive and dynamic approach. This is why Dolby has an advantage in this field. They have created a new vision on how captured content can be viewed with the best clarity and color available.




Dolby Vision content is limited at this moment but Netflix and Amazon are in the process of setting up content to be delivered to consumers. Once content is released the value Dolby Vision brings will be seen. For the moment no other upcoming device has been announced to have Dolby Vision and the LG G6 exclusive will keep LG ahead of the rest.



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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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