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LG G6 - How Does The Screen Size Up

Sprint Product Ambassador




LG started this year with a huge bang. They were already basking in the large screen goodness of the V20 from last year. Then they come out and launch the G6, successor to the G5. LG came out swinging with this device because its a start to a new era. 




This is the year of the large screen to body ratios. LG started this trend with the G6 having a whopping 80% screen to body ratio and almost non-existent bezel. In the above image, you see the G6 vs the V20. They both sport a 5.7" screen but the G6 is quite a bit smaller and thinner.


That in itself is an amazing feat. How much LG was able to squeeze the bezel down and yet make it water resistant.   


The quality and screen resolution is second to none but that's for another blog.


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-- Your Product Ambassador Team

Sprint Employee
I hope going forward more phones bring back the wider screen aspect ratio this narrow / tall screen shape is awkward. seeing black bars on side of screen, and CC occupying otherwise useful screen real estate is kind of a bummer.
Sprint Product Ambassador

I agree, but it seems there is no way around it if we all want bezel less or almost bezel less displays. That said, I would take black borders over smaller screens anyday

Sprint Employee
Yeah, still feels too narrow for the height, and still not sure how aspect ratio relates to size of bezel