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LG G6 - Saved, Protected, and Secured

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G6 - Saved, Protected, and Secured





     The LG G6 is remarkable phone perfect size for the hand, excellent feel while holding and pristine design for appearance. Most users I find are caring the device without a case to show off its aesthetics. I am more of a reserved type of person and always look for the best approach to both protect my merchandise while also giving a minimalistic approach.  Spigen has always been at the forefront of design. Both protecting the device while allowing users to show off the full beauty of what the device has to offer. 




The Spigen Rugged Armor case features a carbon fiber looking texture on the outside and Spigens signature spider web pattern on the inside. The case is made from flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and each corner has additional defensive as they are created with a new air cushion like protection. This protection allows for the occasion accidental slips and falls. The design of the case has been created and confirmed to be built to perform under military grade protection MIL-STD 810G-516.6. This shock absorption design will give users the ability to experience the phone with less worry on damaging it.  


In addition to the Spigen rugged armor case I also add Spigens own Screen Protector Tempered Glass. As an added piece of mind in protection Tempered Glass gives users that additional piece mind in protecting your display. Tempered glass is made to a 9H hardness factor but this is not the SAME as Mohs Hardness scale used to determine the glass hardness of the phone but rather it refers to pencil hardness. 9H is considered the hardest grade of pencil there is. The Screen also includes the standard Oleophobic coating to help cut down on finger prints by eliminating the buildup of oils on the glass.



*images courtesy of Spigen


Installation of the screen protector was painless with the added top tabbed layer to assist in alignment and install.


If you are a user that doesn’t like to cover up your device but still want protection this is the case for you. It gives the user that added protection but with minimal design. With the additional Screen protector you can rest assured that your device will look amazing while being fully secure.


As of this posting the Case runs $11.99 and the Screen Protector runs $7.99 on Amazon.


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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