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LG G6 - Smart Cleaning and Phone Optimization

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G6 - Smart Cleaning and Phone Optimization


LG has included with the G6 a smart cleaning feature. This tool is designed to help keep your device in tip top shape. There are two main components that make up the tool and they are surrounded around storage and memory.  The smart cleaning option will guide you to help clear up additional space should you become low or release application from memory to speed up your device. 


To access this tool navigate to the following settings - Phone Management - Smart Cleaning


On the screen you will see two outputs. On the left is the devices overall storage usage and the right will display the memory consumption. If you are running low on storage or memory it is recommended to click the "Optimize Phone" button. Once clicked the device will begin to immediately delete any temporary files and stop any unused applications. Once complete you should have regained some additional space.




As additional features of the tool it will give users access to the battery usage menu. If you find your device is not holding a great charge this is where you first want to look. Here you can see how well your battery is performing and get an idea of which applications are consuming up the battery. If you find an application using more than you thought you may want to manually force close it or decide if uninstalling it should be done. Recommend to possibly contact the maker to let them know as well. 




Another quick link feature is the battery saver link. This will bring you to the battery saver menu. Here you can decide what to do should your phone run low on battery. This feature is off by default but I recommend turning it on to at least initialize at 15%. As it states this feature will help get more out of battery by reducing the brightness, shutting off vibration and restricted applications from running in the background and for notifications, along with stopping downloads and streaming services. 




The Last option available is regarding testing the hardware. This option will bring you to a menu to test the individual components of the phone to determine if they are having any issues. Hardware testing will test Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Fingerprint Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Motion Sensor, Magnetometer. You can test each component independently or test all at once. I am unsure of the type of testing that LG performs nor the errors you will see as my device is not currently having any issues. Should something occur I am hoping you may get some type of error code you can bring to a repair center to get taken care of. 




LG knows users may have issues with storage, or slowness and yes even the battery and other components. That is why they have given us these tools and features to help resolve our issues. If not solve them help to isolate what is causing the trouble. Users on their own can clear additional space, reduce memory consumption or even extend battery usage. Users have a plethora of options to work with. If you are experiencing any issues users could always contact LG, or reach out on Sprint community. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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