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LG G6 - What is Square Camera? - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador


Hello everyone!


I am back with a new and exciting feature on the LG G6!


Today’s topic is using Square Camera, which is a pre-installed camera application on the LG G6 that makes taking photos fun and customizable!


First, Square Camera is installed on your device automatically once you get everything set up. Simply look for the icon labeled “Square Camera.”  For simplicity sake, it looks like this:

Square_Camera_Icon.pngSquare Camera Icon 

What does Square Camera do? I already have a Camera app installed

While it is true that you have the native “camera” application installed on your phone, you also have Square Camera. There are reasons to use both, but if you’re looking to take unique or compilation type photos while on the go (versus using applications to help out), Square Camera is the way to go. One thing I hear about a lot from people is the lack of space on their phones, and we continually add applications to our phones to make things easier or convenient for us. There are numerous “collage” applications available, yet these take up additional space on your phone.  Square Camera doesn’t have overly robust collage features like you might find in some of these applications, but it does provide some basic collage abilities that make things a bit easier on the user (you!).


Square Camera & Snap Shot

Upon opening Square Camera, you’ll notice that it your screen is divided in half from top to bottom. The top is the photo, and the bottom is the “Polaroid Printout” of the photo you take. Once you snap a shot, it is immediately placed into the bottom for visibility and quick sharing – this helps save a quick minute by having to go into the Gallery to view the photo and share it. You can use the front or back cams in this mode, and you can even go between normal and wide angle shots.

Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-36-11.pngSnap Shot Example


You have four modes to choose from in Square Camera (access Modes via the MODE button at the top of the screen): Match Shot, Snap Shot, Guide Shot, and Grid Shot. Each of these shot options have their own unique options to assist you. The default view is Snap Shot, and that is the “Polaroid-esque” style of photo taking outlined above.

Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-40-06.pngModes for Square Camera


Match Shot:

Match Shot allows you take two photos or videos in order by flipping between the 1 & 2 (screens). If the icons are 1 & 2, then you can take two different photos. If you adjust the 1 & 2 to 1 & 1, then you can take two photos simultaneously using both the front and the back camera. You can adjust these numbers by tapping the icon at the top of the screen.

Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-37-47.png  Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-38-04.pngMatch Shot example

Match_Shot_Swap.pngSwap between the 1 & 1 and 1 & 2 Settings


When you take these photos, you can zoom in on them independently prior to saving as well. Each square allows you to zoom in on the photo, allowing you to cut out what you don’t want in the background.

Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-39-15.pngPinch to zoom and modify how each photo looks before saving



Guide Shot

Guide Shot allows you to take a photo matching the composition of another photo.  This is helpful when you’re looking for that unique shot. There are some default options such as a plate of food, a mobile device (LG G6), and a heart-shaped lollipop; however, you can use your own photos in the gallery as a guide. You can also adjust the transparency of the guiding photo when snapping your picture.  Do not be alarmed at the guide photo and its transparency, as it will not show through on the captured photo.

Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-40-20.pngGuide Shot


Grid Shot

Grid Shot has to be one of my favorite features because it is Instagram-friendly, and it makes for unique photo opportunities! The Grid Shot allows you to take up to four photos or short, 3-second videos to save an a single photo or video. You simply take the photos and they show up in the square. If you don’t like a photo that you’ve snapped, simply tap the box it is in and you will be able to retake the shot. When you’ve got the perfect collage of photos, tap the check mark to save it. 

This photo can be conveniently shared to Instagram instead of having to use Instagram’s Layout application – Another app you can potentially not download to save space on your phone!


Screenshot_2017-05-26-09-41-05.pngGrid ShotScreenshot_2017-05-26-09-42-34.pngRetake shots20170526_094250.jpgOnce saved, it's a nice 4-photo collage


Square Camera is a great alternative to the stock camera on the LG G6, as well as to many photo collage/mash-up applications. While it is not a “do it all” application, it does provide some unique functionality that you don’t get from the stock camera. Since I have kids and dogs, the Grid Shot and Match Shot options are quite convenient.



As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for other tips and tricks on the LG G6! If you have questions or general feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below!





Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

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