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LG G6 - What's so cool about it?

Sprint Product Ambassador

So we briefly discussed the screen size of this amazingly beautiful device earlier. But what else is so cool about this device?





Well, LG didn't make a lot of big changes drastically, instead it started on this road a while ago. The first step they did was, move the volume buttons in the back. Then they established the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone where your index finger naturally lands. Also LG mostly kept a clean front screen and used soft buttons for home, back, etc.

So how does all of this help? Well LG was able make this device with 80% or more screen to body ratio and finally have IP68 rating (water resistant). With that, lets review my first impressions of this phone.


As mentioned several times by many of my colleagues and myself, the first thing that mesmerizes you is the BIG BRIGHT Quad-HD screen. I mean LG has been a leader in the screen business alongside Sammy. So you ought to expect and enjoy this beauty in its glory.


The second most amazingly cool thing the G6 sports is its updated dual camera setup. I will write more about it later, however I did not find it too different from the LG V20.


Finally what caught my attention is the combination of wireless charging (FINALLY) and IP68 rating (DOUBLE FINALLY)! In this day and age, these features should be standard and not a premium but I am greedy like that.


So as a new user of the G6 family, I must say this will be my daily user going forward.


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team