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LG G6, best (hidden) features.


Here is a list of features I think might be very usefull to many people:

App Drawer:

If you are like me, you would not like the LG choice to have all apps showing in the pages of your home screen. I like to have a clean home page with maybe 2-3 pages of apps. That is why I love the app drawer.

LG thinks that it is easier for people to have the apps on the many pages that will be created due to the apps installed.

The great news is that even though LG does not show the app drawer in the home screen, you have the option to activate it by going to settings – Display – Home Screen – Select Home – and select Home & App drawer option.


One-hand feature:

I have to say the LG G6 has a huge screen, but yet very confortable in the hand.

Some people might still have issues reaching all the way on the top to have the Notification panel drop down.

Thankfully, LG has thought of you. Just head to Settings – Display – Home Touch Buttons – Button Combination – drag and drop the Notification button in your Home button tray.

Now what you need to do is just touch that button and the notification tray will slide down for you without having to adjust your hand to reach and swipe down from the top.


Quick screenshot, Note and Pic:

Under the same setting menu (Button Combination), you will see another button; Capture+, that button will automatically take a screenshot of the page you are viewing and give you the option to write notes or memos on top of it.

If you only want to take a note, just double tap the Volume up button to activate the QuickMemo+ app and if you would like to have the camera up in no time to capture the moment before it’s gone, just double tap the volume down button and the Camera app will come up and ready to go.


Smart Settings:

I think a really Smart (hence the name) choice was to have a section that will do things to your phone based on your location.

I love these settings since you can change your sound, BT and Wifi settings when you go home or leave home automatically, without having to worry about touching the phone.

It will also let you select a specific app that you wont to open as soon as you connect to a BT device or if you plug in your headphones.