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LG G7 ThinQ - Increase Storage with Cloud Services

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G7 ThinQ - Increase Storage with Cloud Services




 LG G7 ThinQ is equipped with 64GB of storage. But what if you need MORE. Well you can always add on a microSD card up to 2TB if you so choose.  But why when you already have storage that is already available and can be used.  I'm talking about your CLOUD storage. Thats right use the power of the cloud to give you more. LG gives users the ability to tie cloud storage from Google, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft's Onedrive to your phone. You can then utilize these cloud storage for either photos, music or files. 




Cloud storage can be added to by navigating in your settings to the General tab, Accounts option and scroll down to the advanced options select Cloud. Here you are presented the four cloud options. If you have the LG G7 or any Android device then more likely you have a Google account and with every google account comes 15GB of cloud storage. To incorporate the storage select Google icon and follow the prompts logging into your account. Once configured Google will be integrated into the devices File Manager, Music and Gallery programs. Where within each program you can utilize the additional storage in different ways.


With the Music Application you can utilize your cloud storage for access to Music for streaming. You can create playlists associated with music files you have stored on your cloud storage. Then play these playlists to stream on your phone. The only drawback is you can only create a playlist for the cloud storage itself and not one on the phone that references music listed in each cloud. But if you have a lot of music you can create a different list on each Cloud  Storage you have then access the storage and play the list that you are wanting to hear.  To Create a Playlist select the Cloud storage you want to use I'm using BOX. Select the "PLUS" icon in the bottom right to create a new playlist. Create the label for it and click save. You will then be presented an option to select which music you want to include in the list. The music available is the music you already have loaded to the Cloud Storage. Select your options and click ADD. You can continue to create more playlists or select the playlist to begin playing the songs. Once select click the shuffle icon in the bottom right corner and your selection will start. 




To utilize your storage for local file storage now that you added it simply access the File Manager application. Here you can access you files stored locally on your phone or access your files or folders stored in the cloud. To access your cloud files select file menu icon (3 horizontal lines) top left corner. Then choose the cloud storage you want to access. To view or play any file you will need to download it locally to your device. Just select the file you want to open and you will be presented the option to download. If you want to move a file to your Cloud navigate to where the file is located on the phone ie download, or documents. Next, click on the file menu (3 vertical dots) top right hand corner. Select "upload to Cloud" select the file you want to upload and click upload. Then simply select the Cloud drive to upload it to and folder or location you want to store the file and click upload. 




Finally, use your cloud storage for repository for your photos. When integrated your cloud storage becomes also accessible within LG Gallery Application. Here you can view the photos already in your storage or you can add the photos on your phone to your cloud. To view you cloud photos select the file menu (3 vertical dots) top right hand corner. Next choose the cloud drive you want to view. Once in the drive you should be seeing any pictures you have uploaded to the cloud already. When you are ready to add more while in the cloud view again select the file menu (3 vertical dots) top right hand corner. Next, select "upload here" and navigate to the photo(s) you would like to add. Simply select the ones you want uploaded and click upload. 




So do not worry if you are running low on storage.  With the cloud now available you now have an option to easily incorporate your toons and photos into your device.  Use your cloud to store your files for later access.


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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