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LG G7 Thinq - Smart Cleaning - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey Everyone!


I’ve been using my LG G7 ThinQ for quite a while and it is truly one of the best devices I’ve used to date, especially from LG.  After you use a phone for a while, though, you notice that precious storage space is being taken up by Apps, Music, Photos/Videos, temporary files, etc.  However, the LG G7 ThinQ helps you manage that space easily and efficiently.


The LG G7 comes with an application called Smart Cleaning, which should be located in the “Management” folder on your device. It is a small blue icon with a % sign in it (see below). This application allows you to view your internal storage and your memory usage, which allows you to optimize the device.  On top of that, the application contains battery information and some hardware tests.

Screenshot_2018-06-26-09-50-07.pngSmart Cleaning Application



As you can see in my photo below, I am using about 19% of my internal storage space.  Not bad, truly, but there are still some residual files that I can live without that will free up some space for other more important items.  I’m also using about 84% of my RAM (memory), which can slow down my phone when I need it most.  RAM is taken up by running processes both in the foreground and background, so the more applications you have with various tasks running (syncing, notifications, etc.), the more RAM that can be used. It’s important to optimize your memory utilization so that your phone can run smoothly at all times.



Simply click the Optimize Phone button and the LG G7 ThinQ will move through the paces to remove files that are unnecessary and/or close some applications to free up precious memory. In the internal storage, it will identify unnecessary files and delete them.  These unnecessary files might include temporary files from webpages or apps.  The memory is also optimized by stopping applications that you aren’t using or haven’t used in a while.  This process does not delete photos or videos or music that are important to you, just those that are unnecessary files. 




After it is complete with the optimization process, your device will display how much internal memory has been freed up, as well as how much memory has been cleared.  Your phone is just a bit cleaner than it was before the optimization!  I tend to optimize my phone once a week just to remove any files that I didn’t need. I also recommend going through your Downloads folder in your device’s internal storage to find and delete (or move) files that you don’t need anymore.  I’ve found old PDFs, APKs, etc. that I have forgotten about that I downloaded from Chrome that are taking up unnecessary amounts of space.  This can be critical to that next photo or video you want to capture!



Hardware Tests

The LG G7 ThinQ also allows you to test the hardware.  This can be useful if you think something might be faulty with the device.  If you run through some tests and experience failures, reset the phone and try again.  If that doesn’t resolve, contact your local Sprint Service and Repair store to set up some time to work with a technician to diagnose and resolve the issue(s).  You can find your local repair store by going to and narrowing results to “Repair.” 


In the Smart Cleaning application, simply click Test Hardware.  This will bring you to a menu that shows various hardware sensors in your phone that you can test.  For example, you can test the Proximity Sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, and more.  Simply tap the options you want to test, and the phone will run through the test(s) and kick back a Good/Fail.  Again, this is helpful if you think your phone may not be working the way it should.  Not all hardware and software are perfect, and problems can happen, so this is a great resource to help you along the way!




It’s a great idea to optimize your phone at least once per week to clear up space that you need.  With as much as we use our phones for everything, we tend to download files that hang out in the background taking up space because we forget to delete them after we’ve downloaded and viewed them.  Take the time to clean your phone, it’ll be happy you did!  


Until next time!



Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Nashville, TN

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