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LG G8 comes with VoLTE

Sprint Product Ambassador

Although not the first device for Sprint to support VoLTE, LG G8 did launch with native VoLTE support. Before we go into the device side, lets talk VoLTE.


VoLTE is short for Voice over LTE. This is the latest voice technology bringing the Voice/Phone calls to the 21st century and ready for the future. Until VoLTE, most carriers were tied to the old 2G/3G standards like 1XRTT (Sprint, Verizon) or GPRS/UMTS (AT&T, T-Mobile). These technologies were originally developed when calls had to be routed similar to land lines, require very little in spectrum (or wireless resources) and has more reliability. In order to upgrade towers to 4G/5G, physical (radios and antennas) and spectral resources from existing technologies have be re-purposed. But shutting down your voice network is not really a good thing. Hence VoLTE was invented to bridge this gap. Calls still work the way they are supposed to, phone number and all, but from your handset to the switch, they follow a prioritized path. Calls are generally clearer as HD voice is standard, but coverage could be spotty in the beginning of deployment. Here is an article giving out more details about VoLTE from a UK site, so you can ignore the UK carrier piece.


Back to LG G8!

My device out of the box had VoLTE enabled. In case you were wondering where it is, let me walk you around:


Just go to SettingsScreenshot_20190625-114924.png

Select Voice NetworksScreenshot_20190625-114942.png

Here, if the "VoLTE Calls" switch is already enabled, you should see a VoLTE icon on the top (see image below), otherwise you are not in decent VoLTE coverage. If it is off, just turn it on and viola!Screenshot_20190625-115009-1.png


Give it a shot and post your VoLTE experience below. Thanks!


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team