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LG Gpad F2 8.0 - Smart Cleaning

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG Gpad  F2 8.0 - Smart Cleaning


LG includes with their system the ability to clean out all those old programs, files, and pictures no longer needed with a simple touch. To access this feature go to Settings - General Settings - Device - Smart Cleaning. On the main screen you will be given two read outs. On the top will be the current percentage of storage used, overall size of usage (in use) and overall size remaining (free). listed to the right of the overall percentage will be the amount of available memory that can be cleaned. The program will keep a log of 3 main components (temporary and raw image files, all downloaded content, and idle apps). 




The Temporary & Raw files folder when selected you will see options checked to be included when deleting files. 3 parts are seen application cache, clip tray temporary files, and raw files from the camera if any. All are checked right off the bat for cleaning. If you are good to go just click the clean button on the bottom right and it will take care of cleaning out the files. 




The Download folder instead of just a section with check marks will have every file independently listed and again already checked for easy cleaning. Just un-check those files you wish to keep and then just click the clean button in the bottom right.




The final section is the Apps Idle section, here depending on your setup will show you apps that have not been used in a set time frame. The setup for this section can be accessed from the application main home screen in the top right will be the settings option. You will be presented two options Idle Time Period and Notification Period. The Idle Time Period will add those apps that have not been used to the Idle Time report section based on the time selected, you can choose from 1 week - 6 months. The Notification Period is a setting for the application to alert you to check your device and remind you to clean out old files and non-used applications. It is a nice way to stay on top of over using your storage. 




This process makes removal of old files and non-used applications a simple process. It keeps your phone storage level open for those large image files and or downloads needed. Just remember to un-check those files you want to keep and remember if you take a lot of raw photos it will take up a lot of space. The only limitation to the application is it doesn't let you manually select the raw files you want to keep. Otherwise this is a great application to keep your storage levels under control.


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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