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LG Stylo 3 First Impressions - Unboxing

Sprint Product Ambassador

Good Morning,


It's Saturday AM, April 15th 2017. A package containing the Stylo 3 from Sprint arrived last night, but I had rehearsal and was unable to give it the attention it deserved. So, here I am first thing this AM (10:36AM actually - don't judge), like a kid on Xmas day ready to open it up and check it out.


First thing I noticed is the shipping box. The 'big caution' on the side would have you think there was something a bit more suspect and dangerous inside with emergency instructions and fire symbols... perhaps new laws due to the 'exploding phone' fiasco last year. - I digress. 



 Packaging discarded and time to check out the LG Stylo 3. The box it comes in is an off-white-gray/tanish color. It's a nice unpretentious box, but as I turn it over in my hands I can hear/feel something a bit loose inside. Hopefully that doesn't mean bad news.


StyloBox.png I open the two little pieces of tape... and bam! A nice sized screen is staring up at me! No Frills, flyers or fancy print on the screen... just here I am! I like that it's 'right down to business'. For $264 price tag you get a lot of device, but of course shouldn't expect all the 'grand opening' bells and whistles. 

20170415_110150 (1).jpg Picking up the Stylo 3 - it's SO light I'm sure the battery must not be in it, so I quickly check the rest of the box to confirm my suspicions...cuz if I'm right this would be the lightest big screen phone on the planet. Yes, the battery is separate in the box. along with a 'travel adapter', mini-USB cable and an Safety and Warranty Guide.


I usually use an LG G5 as my daily device so you'll see me comparing the two devices in the upcoming blog series. - When comparing LG G5 to the size to the Stylo 3 I realize they're really not that far apart. The G5 is obviously smaller, but when I put one on top of the other I was surprised at how close they really were. Yet, somehow the screen of the Stylo 3 looks and feels bigger - which a user of a phablet would want/expect. I can't wait to use it to see how it feels in comparison. On a table lying on their backs, the Stylo 3 is just slightly thinner than the G5, but barely noticeable. 


Honestly, the Stylo 3 looks very nice. The chrome colored bezel around the sides for support with the black/titan plastic looks simple and 'executive' and looks well above its modest price tag. The titan color in general is very nice! For 'plastic' it looks metal and has a 'brushed lines' look to it.

StyloFinishandBezel.pngNotice the textured lines and metal bezel. Nice and thin too!So, time to put in the battery - err.. OK, I like to have an easy start guide to be honest. There isn't one included. I guess they figure everyone knows how to install a battery and boot up their phone by now. Of course, the little things I'm interested in besides how to install are.. do I need to charge it all the way first before use? Do I need to let it drain fully before my next recharge..etc. Anyway, I unwrap the battery - and on the left side toward the bottom of the phone is a little space that allows you to pull off the back cover (in the picture above) to easily pull up/off the back cover.

Oh Happy Day!!! Yes - I forgot to mention this - you can swap out the battery in this device. I love that feature in phones that have it. As a work device it's great to have, but in general when you're out and about and take a lot of pictures it's nice to be able to just swap the battery in and out. I gladly give up water resistance for this feature!

K, where was I... installing the battery. The battery is super thin and light too. 3200mAh should be a decent amount of juice to keep me going... we'll see in the next blog re: First impressions - use case.

StyloBattery.pngNice thing battery - doesn't add bulk or weight!Battery just pops right into the phone. Just above the battery you can see the SIM card and the Micro-SD Card slot which I'm sure will be necessary with a device with 16GB of memory. The cover snaps back on very easily... I had an old competitors device years ago that was a bit more painful to put the back on. This just snaps in place, like it belongs there. -

...And now to power it on. More on that later... I still have to activate it! However, I will say the battery is at around 50% at boot Smiley Wink.


Interested in the Stylo 3? Ask me anything! 







Photos of the Stylo 3 taken with an LG G5.

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