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LG Stylo 3 - Lets Take a Selfie

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG Stylo 3 - Lets Take a Selfie




LG Stylo 3 is equipped with a 5 megapixel front facing camera. As a means to help take the best photo LG has given users multiple options for taking pictures. Users can manually click the volume rocker, tap the screen or use one of the fancier features. These include the Gesture shot, Auto shot, or even the cheese shutter.


All features to setup up the camera can be accessed under the settings section by clicking the cog wheel in the upper left corner. Different options are availabe when in either the front or rear camera facing mode. For this write up make sure you are in the front facing camera mode. When accessing the camera to initiate the selfie or front facing camera either select the camera icon to reverse the camera or swipe you screen either left to right or right to left either way will reverse the camera. 


While in the settings section for the front facing camera there will be an option to activate the cheese shutter it is off by default. This will enable the shutter to respond to verbal cues to take a picture. The camera will identify the following cues: cheese, smile, whiskey, kimichi, and or LG. Simply hold the camera up and say any one of the following and the camera will snap a picture. 




When working with gesture options this feature is the only one enabled by default. It is activated by holding an open hand up to be recognized by the phone camera. Simply close your hand into a fist to activate the selfie timer. If you close your hand into a fist once it will take only 1 picture. By closing your hand twice this will enable a 4 shot option in succession. 




4 shots taken in succession




The other gesture shot feature is "Auto Shot". This feature if enabled will immediately take a picture as soon as a face has been detected. I found this feature a little over cumbersome as it would take a picture even when I wasn't ready. Not the greatest tool but it does work but sometimes too well.


Ultimately the selfie options given by LG do work and do provide a much more pleasant experience than trying to fumble around with holding your phone and pushing a button or screen icon. The gesture option is the simplest one and that may be why it is the one activated by default. Try it out I am sure you will be pleased just like I was. 


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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