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LG Stylo 4 First Impressions

Sprint Product Ambassador

Stylo 4 first impressions

The box is nothing special and in fact, doesn't stand out in the LG world. A light gray with some black writing of various sizes decscribing some of the phones features and what is inside is pretty much the extent of excitement. Once you open the box the phone is nestled snuggly and that is possibly an understatement. The plastic insert holds the phone in so tightly I had to turn it upside down and push firmly so that the Stylo 4 would come out. On the left side is the charger with the charging box, The charging cord is a double-sided cord one side has a connection for USB cord and the other features a USB-C. The charge box was disappointing small and only claims to be energy efficient as compared to most charging units that come with a rapid charge. Once out of the case the phone at first look is impressive. Lightweight at 172 grams with a slim 8.1mm makes it easy to hold even in my children's small hands. With as impressive as the phone itself presents it is surprising that the presentation and packaging were not as impressive. It is with much anxiousness that I look forward to taking the LG Stylo 4 for the ultimate test drive.