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LG Stylo 4 - Home Screen Tweaks Enhanced for Visually Impaired users

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG Stylo 4 - Home Screen Tweaks Enhanced for Visually Impaired users


LG in their forward thinking have created ways to enhance the user experience on their phones. Allowing users both visually impaired and even hard of hearing to be able to utilize their devices with ease. One of the modifications that can be done range from home screen options, fonts/display size to even utilizing the included pen for assistance. 


Some users struggle with seeing most cell phone screens as providers cram a lot into the view aspect of the screen. Things can become so small that reading the text is hard. Users can increase the text and even change the font style to something better suited for them. Choose from 6 different font styles or download more from the LG smartworld. Initial font size is set to the midpoint but you can increase it to what works best for you.



Additional changes other than font also tie into how small icons look. Users can increase the display size of items on the screen. Display size is initially set to the smallest size but can be increased two times. These changes can be access under settings in the display section. 





But if you want an overall easier method for both font and display size then I would look at LG's Home Screen options. Included LG can immediately change your layout to make it more comfortable to use with one click. Under settings and again in the display section select "Home Screen", Next select under the general heading "Select Home". Here you can select the option "EASYHOME" it is LG's answer for simplicity. It presents a simpler layout with a large font and icon size. In addition to these highlights LG adds on to the home screen 4 speed dial options that can be set to any contact number in the phone. 




But if you are a user whom is okay the standard settings but only need to utilize some form of magnification when browsing then you are in luck too. When the stylus is removed you will get immediate access to tools only available with the stylus one of those tools is "Pop Lens" feature. This tool is a magnifying lens. The application when opened with enlarge anything within its visual box. User will have 3 box settings from small, med, and large. Each box can be move around the screen to highlight whatever you are having trouble reading. The user simply can zoom in utilizing 2 fingers. Pinch to zoom out and un-pinch to zoom in. I haven't found a limit to the zoom yet other than items become more pixelated the more you zoom. Another feature is the color index. Initial settings use a salmon style color with black text but this can be changed to inverted colors for better contrast or normal view. 





LG Finds very creative ways to help those utilize their devices and with a 6.2 inch screen on the LG Stylo 4 so much can be placed into view at one time or enhanced for those visually impaired can see.  


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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