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LG Tribute Dynasty - Display Tricks & Accessibility Settings - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Smartphones are great.  But sometimes you have friends or family members who need a little help either because the technology is complex to them as they are getting older or because they may some vision or hearing impairments.  Here are some tips for the Dynasty that LG has provided to assist in those areas.  


Lets talk about display settings first.  Go to the display section in your settings and Scroll Down to the "Display Size" and tap to go into it.  As seen in the picture below, hit the plus symbol on the bottom of the screen to increase the display.LG Display Settings 2.png

 This picture doesn't do the change justice.  But when you increase the display all the way to the right it makes a big difference.  Unfortunately to get this picture in this article I had to shrink it down and it took some of the size difference out of it.  Another area in the display section that can improve visibility is the "Font Size"  Change that to "Huge" as noted in the next picture.

LG Font Size.png

 While the font size helps when doing a google search or reading email it won't impact every application.  But can be very hand for folks like my Mom who need the words to be a little bigger.  If "Huge" is too Huge, there is also S, M, & L options.  You can also turn on Bold text as you might notice in the picture above as well.  These are also located in the Accessibility section.  


Now moving on to the Accessibility Settings which are located under the "General" section of the Settings.  Under this section there are 3 areas of assistance:

  1. Vision
    • TalkBack
    • Voice Notifications - Read caller information out loud
    • Font Size, Bold Text, & Display Size
    • Touch Zoom
    • Window Zoom
    • And More so go check them out.
  2. Hearing
    • Captions - Closed Captions for videos
    • Flash Alerts - Flash light blinks for incoming calls, messages, & alarms
    • Mute All Sounds
    • Left or Right sound balancing
  3. Motor & Cognitive
    • Touch Assistant - show a touch board with easy access to common actions
    • Touch input
    • Physical keyboard - customize keyboard
    • Auto mouse click
    • Touch and hold for calls
    • Screen timeout
    • Touch control areas - limit touch control to selected areas of the screen

These settings are all really great & helpful.  But most importantly, follow all instructions.  And if you are setting this up for someone with Accessibility Needs read  and follow all instructions first so that you can more easily show the person how it will work for them.  I was testing out the TalkBack feature under the Vision section and I elected to pass over the instructions.  I was very lucky to have a Settings Icon on my Home screen because if I hadn't I wouldn't have been able to turn that function off because I didn't listen to the instructions and follow the training guide.  


I hope everyone that reads this found this information to be helpful.  


Thank you for Reading!!