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LG Tribute Dynasty - Gaming Perks

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG Tribute Dynasty - Gaming Perks


LG designed the Tribute Dynasty to be well rounded design this includes the ability to handle games. It has options embedded in the devices core to manipulate game play. Located under "Settings / Smart Functions / Gaming" users can modify games playing ability reducing graphics to reduce the draw on the phones cpu. Also tied to games is a screen dimmer and pause mode. This turns on when a user stops playing a game for 5 minutes and leaves the phone on. When LG auto reduces the screen brightness and reduces the graphics a pop up message appears advising of pausing the game so as to not drain the battery.






With Game Tools this allows you to initiates taking a break, take a screen shot to capture your moment, or modify the graphic needs from directly in the game itself. This is the option you would use when you tell your kids to pause their games and to put them down. They just select take a break and the device goes into Break Time reducing screen brightness and lowering graphics needs. 






I tested the LG Tribute Dynasty with multiple games from low cpu to high cpu processing needs the games used in my test were:


Altos Adventure





Smash hit

Smash Hit.jpg

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8.jpg

Dead trigger 2

dead trigger 2.jpg

Gangster Vegas

Gangster Vegas.jpg


Out of all the games the only problematic one was Gangster 4. This one felt a little sluggish and slow responsive when playing the game. Having more RAM may be the key as the LG Tribute Dynasty only has 2GB for RAM ability. All other games played smooth with no signs of slowness or delayed response when moving or selecting options on screen. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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