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LG Tribute Dynasty - In An Emergency Help First Responders

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG Tribute Dynasty - In An Emergency Help First Responders


Our phones are an extension of ourselves and with that they are our lifeline to our family and friends. When phones are locked the only emergency call that can be made is 911. But what if the emergency requires the need to engage your partner, spouse, or favorite contact and you are unable to unlock your phone to assist. First responders now have the ability with a few changes to the phone to allow added users to be included in the emergency call out option.

One feature I enable on my phone is the Contact info for lost phones. This features shows contact info on the lock screen in the event the phone is lost. Under Settings in the display section select "Lock Screen". Under the section Customize select "Contact info for lost phone". Here you can write a message which appears on the lock screen. Some people put their spouse, partner or favorite contact number to call. I put my name on it so it is displayed on the screen. Click save and your information is now displayed.  It can be updated and changed anytime simply come back to this section.


Screenshot_2018-02-11-11-48-42.png Screenshot_2018-02-11-11-48-50.png Screenshot_2018-02-11-11-35-54.png Screenshot_2018-02-11-11-38-33.jpg


Next, navigate to your phones contacts by either clicking the contacts Icon or clicking the phone icon and select contacts at the top.  Scroll all the way to the top. Listed will be the contact ICE (Incase of an Emergency) - Emergency Contact. Click to open this contact card up. At the top you will see 911 already listed. Underneath is your contact emergency info. Here you can put your full name, blood type, any medications being taken, any allergies, or medical issues first responders should know about. Click save when finished. Next under the contact card when you go back it states you can add up to 5 additional people that can be displayed as emergency contacts and accessible even if you phone is locked.






     To add users select the plus icon in the bottom left corner. It will then bring up your phone contacts. Scroll and click on the contacts you wish to add to your emergency contacts. Once complete click done and now the contacts are added. To test the emergency contacts. Lock your phone, turn on the screen and swipe up the phone icon. Next click "Emergency Call" this will bring you to your emergency contacts folder. Here you can now call 911 view your health information or make an emergency call to a friend or loved one that has been added.




By enabling these features and using them you are giving first responders a helping hand should they need information and you are unable to respond. They are able to contact a friend or loved one and advise of the situation and obtain immediately information regarding you. I hope this can give a little piece of mind to those that are caught in an emergency.  While I never hope anyone is ever put in harm way this feature can be used to both help you and save lives.


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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