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LG Tribute Dynasty Tips and Tricks #3: Vision Quest

Sprint Product Ambassador

For my third tip on the LG Tribute Dynasty I to make you aware of a setting that will help people of all ages ensure they have an excellent display experience.   Quick side step to give LG kudos, they do a great job providing flexible settings in their devices' user interfaces.  There several really value add options available that you just don't see on other devices but can easily be overlooked so make sure you are in the know.  The setting option I want to highlight this week is the "Display size" option which allows users to select their icon and certain text display sizes.  


Where to Find it

The menu location.jpg


First within the settings menu you will need to locate the "Display" tab.  LG does a great job of grouping settings options vs. a single long run of settings.   Anything and everything about display options is located here. 




Once on the display tab find the "Display size" option in the Appearance section of the window.   This is where the magic happens, simply select and proceed to the next screen.






Choose your Weapon:

The Display size window.jpg





You now find yourself in the screen where you can make your size preference selection.   The icon displayed here to the left will act as guidance providing an example of what your selection will look like on your display. 





The size selection is done through an easy to use slider with three selection options, tap the "-" and "+" buttons on each side of the slider to adjust. 



Happen to have eagle vision and seek to maximize screen space?  Back the setting all the way down.  Find yourself in my shoes and starting your adventure with glasses?   Pump the setting up and see with clarity.   Whether you have the vision of Deadshot or Mr. Magoo LG has provided the flexibility to optimize the Tribute Dynasty to your needs.   Mess around with the setting and see what works best for you!   


Until Next Time, 

The Product Ambassador Team