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LG Tribute Dynasty: Well How About That!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I know that I was going to review the camera function on LG Tribute Dynasty, but after reading my friend @AmishTech's blog "Snap that Picture" I realized I didn't know enough about this device to properly write about it. I would never have used a "resolution measurement chart". Check out what he has to say in his blog about the rear camera. 


And I really enjoyed learning about the case options from @Allizproc. If you are clumsy, like me, read up on his reviews and suggestions. 


Finally, my friend @Ferbet had a great list of things that the LG Tribute Dynasty offers: The SmartWorld App (which will provide hours of fun with ringtones) and the fun that one can have with the LG Contests. 


And speaking of contests, stay tuned. Sprint will have a contest that you could win an LG Tribute Dynasty just by referring people to Sprint! 


In conclusion, this is a very solid mid-range device, and it's affordability is a huge plus. Worth a strong consideration!