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LG V30+ - Audio Recorder Studio Feature

Sprint Product Ambassador

If one of your special someones love to work with audio, why not have a phone that meets the need. Not only does the LG V30+ have amazing audio playback with HI-FI Quad DAC (when you are connected to wired earphones or Bluetooth), the included HD Audio Recorder is superb. So many settings and cool ways to use them.
Today let’s take a look at the Studio Feature. This is perfect for the singer/songwriter/band member/music teacher/choir member/director or anyone wanting to add some layers over an audio. It’s that time of year for choirs to sing their best. Let’s say you are having a difficult time with the harmony you were supposed to learn, use the LGV30+ to record practice with the rest of the choir and then to make sure you sound just right you can dub your harmony over it and play back the entire thing or just your voice. It’s easy to practice listening to the group and singing along, but once you hear your own voice, believe me you know what you need to work on! You could even send it to someone, to help make sure your singing or playing is on target. This is especially great for a quick check on some ideas you are thinking about for different instruments or harmonies, maybe even audible notes over a piece of audio on the spot. No need to drag out all the recording equipment or have to deal with talking over it while it is playing out loud. You can get a clean, clear rendering quickly and without any additional editing programs. The file is immediately ready to share via email, messaging, Google Drive, etc. Keep in mind it is to use as an additional tool in your tool box not to create a piece of perfection.
Now before you start, you won’t be able to do this without earphones connected to the phone, either via Bluetooth or wire. You will see a message telling you that you can’t continue. The reason for this is that you aren’t singing along with the audio and recording, it is actually recording a separate track that is laying on top of the original recording, and in order to do that the original track needs to play in the background without being picked up by the mic. This also provides you with two outputs - The combined “Studio” and “Original” (just the part you recorded). I know this sounds sort of backwards. This could be a valuable tool depending on your reason for using it. I used it for harmonies. When played with the track (Studio) it sounded okay but without the music (Original) I could pick up on the places where I was way off and learn from it. Here’s an example. This is not meant to be perfect.


What you need: earphones and an audio or music file available on the phone (record one using the phone or import).
After connecting earphones/headphones, open the HD Audio Recorder.




Select Custom from the menu if it is not already selected. I had used it previously.

Click the music note icon  on the upper right portion of the screen. If you forgot to plug in or connect to ear/headphones you will get the message saying you must in order to continue. next3.png


Select audio or music file location. If you aren't sure you can go to the next screen and then cancel and come back instead of exiting the process. next3stepsb.png


You can only save up to 4G at a time - that is the combination of the track and the original, not just what you are recording. So you can’t set down and record a full 4 min song with multiple tracks. You’ll figure it out pretty quick, but I would test it ahead of time to make sure know your limits. May want to save over to a micro SD. This phone has a TON of storage (128GB of internal storage expanded up to 200GB via a microSD) but HD audio can take up quite a bit of space and you may not want to be inconveniently surprised by it.  Smiley Wink





After you are finished it is ready to save and share. I use Google drive to share because it doesn’t clog up email and the receiver can access it from any device – Andriod, iOS, desktop, laptop, etc. I just send the link after uploading and it doesn’t take up any space in the email or message and they can download anytime or play right from there. ( How to use Google Drive)   


You can find additional information in the LG LS998U manual starting at pg 23. 

I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know of any uses you have found and share your tips and tricks. Until next time. 


Disclaimer: I am a Sprint employee but the opinions are my own, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. I do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee .

Sprint Product Ambassador

Great  post and great feature! 


Thanks for sharing! 

As a supplement, I want to recommend TunesKit Auido Capture, a streaming audio recorder for the compurter. I bought it two months ago, and its performance is excellent. It is able to record any audio produced by any software on your computer. The recordings are of top quality and can be saved into 6 different formats, which allows me to play the recordings on both my PC and iPhone. If you want to record internal audio on your computer, this is definitely the best choice.