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LG V30+ My First Impressions

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG started a new tradition last fall to launch a second flagship to compete with fall launches of other manufacturers. In doing so, LG landed on something quite exquisite!


LG launched the V series device in 2015 with a dual screen setup. Dual screen meaning a smaller screen on the top to show notifications and such. The V20 was a huge improvement on that concept.


With the V30+ LG decided to remove the second screen in favor of going the 2017 route of bezel less displays and created a beautiful specimen.



The first thing I noticed is that it is LIGHT! I mean really really light. Not light like cheap but Premium AND Light! This was definitely a first. The phone just feels sturdy.


Secondly this phone has a clear, bright beautiful OLED 6" display. The phone does not feel that big though. LG has come a long way in the display department and is keeping pace with its competitors if not better.


Finally it brings the dual camera setup of the G6 with a standard and a 120 degree wide angled lens. I feel this setup is more practical then the devices claiming portrait mode or something. How many people take portrait pictures of themselves?


Until next time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team