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LG V30+ Totally Unscientific Battery Test

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG V30+ Battery Test

As a way of testing real world battery life I took my V30+ and set it up with a Youtube Live video of an intersection in Jackson Hole Wyoming (I was feeling the Christmas Spirit watching the lights in the background) That video is located here:


I used wifi and turned the brightness to about 55%  My test was to see how long you could watch Youtube from 100% before the battery completely died and the phone shut down.



I had one small hiccup in the middle of the video when 4 hours in my wifi connection dropped but the screen remained on so I count it as the same test.


As you can see the V30+ lasted about 10 Hours!  Thats good for 3 or 4 movies on an airplane or more than enough to get you through a whole day of calls, texts and email.


But personally my battery life on this phone has been fairly good.  I routinely get home after a 10 hour day and have more than 50% battery left.  So overall battery performace I would rate as a strength on this device.


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Awesome! Well done - unscientific, but real world.