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LG V30+ the Easy GIF creator!

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG V30+ the Easy GIF creator!


For those who may not be familiar with the ‘floating bar’ on the LG V30+ or perhaps hadn’t realized the benefits – here’s one that’s ultra-handy! GIF's on the fly!!! 





The LG V30+ ‘Floating Bar’ gives you quick access to various tools for multi-tasking and easy launching into productivity apps – like Screen captureShortcutsMusic player, Calendar and Quick contacts (and more).

But what you may not have noticed is if you’re watching a video and you open the ‘Floating Bar’ you’ll also gain the ability to take a GIF!

First – if you don’t have the floating bar accessible, it’s easy to enable.

Swipe down from your Notifications Bar

Go to your Settings menu

Go to General Settings

Tap on the Floating Bar

Turn on Floating bar

  • You can add/remove apps from your Floating bar by opening the floating bar on your home screen and clicking the settings cog within. You can scroll through apps on the bar, so don’t be fooled into thinking you only have the few there by default
  • **The GIF option doesn’t show unless you’re watching a video of some sort!

Now, while watching a YouTube video (for example) open the side menu on your phone.

If you’re in full screen landscape mode you’ll have to tap one of the sides (top or bottom) to get your menus to open. You’ll also see the floating bar. Just tap on the floating bar and then tap on ‘GIF’. 

You can pause a video, set up the section you want to take a GIF of and then press play on the video and the red ‘record’ button.

It’s really that simple. The video ends up in your gallery under the ‘GIF Capture’ heading.

My biggest problem is getting a GIF the right size to SMS to someone or figuring out how to place one on the web that’s in action.

I’m a New York Rangers hockey fan… figured I’d mention that before I share my video where I was looking at some of the most wicked slap shots in hockey and came across Shea Weber.

So, using the instructions above, I was able to grab a gif of this slo-mo of Shea taking a heck of a shot!

Check out the link below! 

SLAP SHOT GIF - will open in new tab -


Also, I realize some people don’t like the floating bar because it gets in the way of things or you might accidentally open it at times. You can easily move the floating bar by holding down on the arrow on your home screen and sliding it up or down or across your screen to a more suitable place.


Have questions about using the LG V30+ ? Give me a shout!









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