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LG V40 - 5 Cameras and then some

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG has been on a roll lately, pushing the limits on their mobile devices to keep themselves relevant in these competitive times. The V series of their lineup is usually the lineup that goes against the October launches of other competitors, so LG cannot hold anything back.






For this year, LG decided to take a page from their competitors playbook and went with 5 cameras in the V40. So what do 5 cameras give you? We will get to that in a moment.


So what else does V40 have that makes it a great device?

First things first, its got a NOTCH! Just like the G7 and many other devices this year, the notch made its way to LG. In order to get a bezel-less display, manufacturers have decided to leave some room for cameras and sensors on the top middle part of the phone. What I like about LG's implementation is that it allows you to either keep it, blend it or not have the notch at all in its display settings. So if you like it, great, if you dont, no worries, just disable it.


General Specs:

Its got one of the largest screens in its class. 6.4" of pure OLED goodness. Along that it comes wiht 64GB of internal memory and Micro SD card support - something we can all get behind. To be short, its a powerhouse in your hand, use it wisely



LG has also been trying to differentiate their devices by providing exceptional audio features. Mainly, it supports DTS surround sound, a 32-Bit DAC for headphones and a boombox speaker mode (stereo speakers simply put) to cater to all sorts of users. I am finally excited to see LG is catching up with other companies in the audio department, and actually doing better!


There are many other cool things on the SW front but I will go through them later in other blogs. If you have not considered LG, I think its time you should.


Until next time


-- Your Product Ambassador Team