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LG V40 ThinQ - Reduce Battery Consumption by Enabling Dark Mode

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG V40 ThinQ - Reduce Battery Consumption by Enabling Dark Mode


If you have been watching the news Google just had their Android Dev Summit and during this event one of the key releases was the fact that Google will eventually start to release dark theme options for their applications. This is due in part to the realization that colors including white cause a heavy draw on battery consumption on android devices. While not all applications are set for the dark theme solution there are already baked in options to your android phone to help curb the battery consumption of your phone. 


Just to reiterate google admits that a darker theme saves battery life... This is not something new but more of a realization based on hard facts. Screens today on most Medium to High devices are moving more and more to OLED displays and away from LCD.  OLED displays allow more control over color and "true black". With OLED displays each pixel is self power and to get black you just dont turn on the pixel while with LCD there is always a backlight on shining through to illuminate the colors in front.  Google showed in their discussion how by enabling a darker theme on their Pixel device they were able to save battery consumption by 60%. Dropping the power consumption down from 250ma to around 92ma when screen brightness is turn to max.  




Now this consumption is based on true white but they did further review and verified that all colors have a high draw of power when at max brightness though obviously black has the least amount of draw all together. Google  for many years has been pushing designs of themes and apps to be based on a white background. They admit that this was not the best option and agreed a darker theme would be more conducive.


Starting this year Google has been rolling out new themes for their application to now utilize a new dark theme option. This is great news. These themes can and will reduces consumption and are highly recommended to take advantage of.




But what do you do about the rest of the phone? 


You can change your device theme to be darker yes, but Me I'm a minimalist and rarely use themes. I recommend instead to turn on the high contrast screen option. This will in turn change all your settings background to dark and will change your theme to dark mode as well. This option alone will save your device on battery consumption. Now I know what your saying the LG V40 comes with a 3300Mah battery what is this change really going to do. As confirmed by Google the reduced color use will in turn give more on-screen time with your precious device. 


To make this change simply navigate your settings - general tab - accessibility - vision, here simply click the radial button next to enable high contrast screen. 


Screenshot_2018-11-09-08-04-28.png      Screenshot_2018-11-09-08-14-12.png


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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