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LG V40 - To notch or not to notch

Sprint Product Ambassador

Earlier I had describer how the V40 allowed you to experiment with the Notchness of this device. As you may have seen across the industry, the Notch became a norm with premium devices trying to fit in too many things on the top and then also trying to get a complete edge to edge screen. Well you cannot have everything, but you can try. So far the V40 implementation is the most compelling of them all with some customization options.


As you can see in the Display settings under New Second Screen (that's what LG is calling it, could use a better name like NOTCH settings), you can choose the standard option as seen below. This is where your display image will have a break in the middle for the notch but both sides will have info like clock and Signal stuff etc.




If you DONT want the notch at all, you can select Custom and select the black color on the left. That way it will just hide the top portion and all data on the status bar will move a bit lower.



Finally, if you dont like your status bar broken down but dont want the extra real-estate going to waste, you can select Custom AND pick any other color combination. For this example I chose the right most option of having an RGB look.



What I love about Android and LG is that you can do whatever the heck you like with your device and that is powerful. When you invest in a device like this, you want it to be able to meet all of your needs and most of your wants (if not all) to make the most out of your investment. I feel LG has done a great job with this and I hope you find it appealing in the mix of the other clutter in the market.


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team



Sprint Product Ambassador

Nice write up.... I need to check out the V40. How much of a difference is it from the V20 I am rockin?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Money wise I do not know

From a feature setup, it is of course, much faster, screen is brighter and did i mention it has 5 cameras?


Its an overall bigger update. If taking photos is one of the primary focuses for a phone than its worth the upgrade.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Thanks Kam for your quick response.... camera has always been one of the top things for me.