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LG V50 ThinQ– What have I learned?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Well first of all – 5G! I did get on it a few weeks ago while I was close to downtown Chicago (UIC area), however – I’m just a bit too far outside of Chicago to be on 5G full time. But I'll be testing over the next few weeks as I venture into the city. 

Screenshot_20190714-135416.pngLook up in the corner! 5G!

Thankfully, my peer @wingland has broken down some of the major benefits of 5G in his latest blog:

@wingland also educated us on the extremely cool screen recording feature, which means I can now demo and record applications straight from my phone!

Another neat feature worth playing around with is the “Story Shot” which @Hungbai has showed:

Finally, one of my favorite features is how the home page screen saver will let me know the weather. This might not be a new feature to phones, but knowing that it is cloudy without looking a cool feature. 

Screenshot_20190721-061201.pngMy phone knows the weather!

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