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LG V50 vs LG G8 - which one should you buy?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello again


As LG launched 2 flagships phones merely weeks apart, it could get a bit confusing why would one buy the G8 vs the V50? They are both LG's flagships for this year and are power houses when it comes to performance and features.




  • If you care about performance, either phones will do the job. Both are built around the Qualcomm 855 chipset. The V50 has a 5G modem for Sprint, but otherwise the SoC is the same.
  • Storage and expansion options are also similar. Both have a 128 GB option with expandable Micro-SD Slots, so that is nice too
  • Both also have similar display tech - OLED with HDR10 support


So now lets review what is not the same:


  • Sprint's G8 has a 2 Camera setup for the rear while the V50 has 3.
  • The G8 also has Hand ID for unlocking your phone, and as I had mentioned in my blog before, for most people it is a hit or miss
  • Another KEY change in the G8 is that the entire screen is the speaker, while the V50 sports a traditional speaker on the notch area. From my use, I like the V50 setup here


If you look at the short list above, it seems the G8 has a couple of interesting new features that are missing from the V50, but the V50 has 5G - essentially future proofing your investment if you care about these things. LG decided to strip these cool new features for the V50 to make room for a 5G modem.


To make things simple, I would pick a device on its future tech proofing, so the V50 would be my choice. It also has a superior camera setup (3 vs 2), so there is that!


Hope this helps you in making your decision. See ya later


-- your product ambassador team

Sprint Product Ambassador

Kam - nice comparison.... I am curious about few things mentioned in the comparison. Seeing how the G8 had new tech display speaker and V50 has traditional speaker, which one has the better sound?


Also, how much of a difference does the 3 lens make compared to the two on G8.


Thanks in advance!

Sprint Product Ambassador

On the speaker side, I prefer the old school option. At least between these 2 devices, the V50 was easier for me to use.


I dont think 3 vs 2 really matters unless you take a lot of zoomed in pics. The 3rd lens is a 2X optical zoom lens, or equivalent, so it all depends on your use. For me I would be happy with either one. I use the wide angled more.