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LG X Charge Battery is beyond amazing

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG’s X Charge ‘mid-range’ phone comes loaded with the standard fare for a device that is not supposed to be a headliner, or a flagship, or a superphone.  16GB memory, 13 MP rear camera, 5.5” HD display….

And then there’s the battery.

4500 mAh.

It’s a monster.  I’ve used all sorts of devices, but this one takes the cake.  I think the combination of advancements with OS technology that helps to conserve battery life, as well as higher efficiency due to not having to power high end hardware, leads to an extraordinary battery life experience.

So if you are a super user, or you spend a LOT of your time staring at your phone, you will notice right away that the impact is NOT the same with this handset.  You are most likely used to having to plug in at some time around 2 or 3PM, or even earlier if you’ve got a lot of conference calls or video conferences that you need to attend.  I noticed in the first two days that my battery was not draining.  I can fill my days with conference calls, and phone calls, and Whatsapp chats, and SMS strings, all of which can be REALLY taxing on your battery… on a normal phone.

This phone is…


it’s not normal.

In the beginning, I had days where I was at 5PM and my phone was at 40%, or 55%, or 35%.  All three are pretty respectable values for the amount of power left at the end of a work day.

But after 2 weeks, and fully loading my phone with contacts, email, calendar, social media app, messengers, etc., I found myself on a Wednesday trying to remember if I had plugged in, because I spend the majority of my day either on the phone TALKING, or on Whatsapp (which is a VERY big power consumer, in my experience).  And then at 530PM, I was at 60%.

60%... after a full day.

If you need a starter phone for your teen who LOVES to be on social media with friends, or for a friend or other family member who LOVE staring at the screen, there is no better deal than this.  Just the power performance alone will make the rest of the device seem that much better.  Users will be able to take advantage of the very large screen and the decent performance. 

And they won’t need to go packing a charger if they decide to go out to dinner or a friend’s house later. 

If for nothing else, this phone is worth JUST for the battery performance.  Probably the best I’ve seen.