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LG X Power - Check That Core Out - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG X Power - Check That Core Out - Sprint Product Ambassadors

The NEW LG X Power is a first for the Sprint network as it is the first device to move away from Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and trial a new style of processor from Mediatek. Incorporated in the LG X Power is a MT6755 also known as a Helio P10 Processor. It is an 8 core processor made for use in slim line devices. It has been designed to reduce processor power consumption, saving up to 30% more power when compared to other devices with similar architecture. Created with 4G LTE performance it's made to handle network speeds up to 300/50Mbps data speeds and processor clock speed up to 2Ghz.

So how well does this processor standup to the other myriad of devices on the market.  I ran 4 overall performance tests each calculating the ability of the processor. They all provided their own scoring system and yes each showed how the processor stands up to the rest. I utilized PCMark for Android, 3DMark, Geekbench 4, and Antutu Benchmark when analyzing the Processors abilities.

PCMARK for Android

Utilizing the new Workbench 2.0 I measured the full performance of the entire device. From Web browsing, Video Editing, Writing, Photo Editing, and Data manipulation. Ultimately the overall score was 3272 though PCMark did not have enough data for real comparisons. though reviewing their lineup of results the LG X Power was in between the LG Nexus 5 (3245 Score) and the Motorola Nexus 6 (3320 Score)

Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-05-52.png Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-05-59.png

3DMark Slingshot ES 3.1 - Demo

3DMark tests the CPU and GPU performance ability. The Slingshot ES 3.1 - Demo program is extremely demanding to get the results it looks for. The applications also tests the devices rendering abilities, graphic intensive ability. It is geared for evaluating a devices ability to handle high end computations for graphic rendering and video playback. It is computed via a graphics test and a physics test to measure CPU performance. The LG X Power yields an overall score of 322. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S7 was rated at 2514.

Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-26-54.png Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-27-04.png

Geekbench 4

This CPU tester models real world tasks and application to provide feedback closer to actual performance use. It measures its calculations on overall CPU workload, Computing Benchmarks performances of the GPU, and provides a Cross-platform comparison. Geekbench provides a single core operation score along with a multicore Score. On a single-core score the LG X Power yields a 711 score. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S7 held an 1806 score while the closest device to our score would be the LG Nexus 5 with obtaining an 859. In regards to the Multi-core Score the LG X Power had a score of 1825. The Samsung Galaxy S7 was rated at 5213and again the nearest device to the LG X Power was the LG Nexus 5 with a score of 1764. On the second test regarding computation rendering The LG X Power received a score of 1425. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S7 yielded a score of 2766.the closest device on record was the Asus Nexus 7 having a score of 1366.

Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-23-08.png Screenshot_2016-10-26-10-22-45.png

Antutu Benchmark & 3DRating

This Benchmark application measures multiple layers of evaluation from memory performance, CPU integer Performance, and 2D 3D graphics Performance. Just like the previous CPU testers it yielded some interesting results. Unlike the other testers this one does not show a true device comparison but lists how the device compares to others. The overall score the LG X Power obtained was a 42814 score. For 3D rendering the device performed as mid-level device with regards to game performance. As for the CPU the LG X Power was referenced as a Mid-to-High End device with support for large apps and multitasking.

Screenshot_2016-10-30-13-00-48.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-13-01-00.png

Overall the LG X Power while it may have a CPU Clock speed up to 2Ghz and 8 cores for processing data it is not made for full time 3D rendering gaming. But what it lacks in performance of visual computation it makes up for efficiency when compared to dual core processors. Ultimately with every day use the LG X Power can supply the average user all that they need for their everyday use. While it is not the best processor Mediateks chip is show promise for future options. As the goal of this chip was to give full mid-level use while cutting power consumption. This ability tied to the LG X Power gives this device its' much needed break to succeed.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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