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LG’s mid-range lineup: X Charge vs. X Power – which one is better?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Mid-range devices – generally speaking – do not offer a lot of splash or over the top features or tricks that separate them from one another.  When we talk about the “special” features of midrange phones, they are most likely features that are built in to that manufacturer’s basic mobile build.  For example, the audio recorder is something that is available in both the V30+ and the X Charge, but on the V30+, it’s full HD AND Stereo recording, which differentiates the V30+ from its mid-range predecessors.

If you are in the market for a mid-range device – for whatever the case – I think the value that comes with the X Charge is far and away superior than anything the X Power could offer.

Screen size: X Power – 5.3”; X Charge – 5.5”

Not a big win for the X Charge, but it’s notable.  Most folks won’t notice a .2” difference unless someone points it out or holds them simultaneously.  That said, you’re not losing a LOT from a Screen Estate point of view.  It’s minor difference, but for some, small or larger is better.

Battery size: X Power – 4100mAh; X Charge – 4500mAh

Maybe doesn’t seem like a big win, but in my experience, I have not had a better phone from a power management and battery performance perspective than the X Charge.  And I DON’T think that it’s JUST the battery.  I think it’s power management.  If you can think of a better handset, tell me…  PLEAAAAASE tell me.

Rear Camera: X Power – 8MP; X Charge – 13MP

Win for X Charge.  Far and away.  And with LG’s advances in optics and camera performance, you can’t go wrong with the X Charge.

I don’t usually get all fired up about mid-range devices, but this handset has impressed from the get go.  I think LG in general has done a lot to compete with the other Android OEM’s, and it’s starting to show up and down their lineup.  Although there are still some clear front runners in the battle for mobile device supremacy, LG is doing enough to be part of the conversation.

And even if you don’t go with their high end handsets, you’ll be very pleased with either of these mid-range monsters!