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Let's talk Camera on the Google Pixel 3a

Sprint Product Ambassador

With unlimited uploads to google photos which is a great benefit as the memory is 64GB with no upgrade. The downside to allowing your photos to be stored by Google is they are saved at a compressed high-quality resolution, not in the original format you took so you could lose some quality. Turns out the rear camera is identical to that of the way more expensive Pixel 3. Why exactly did Google come out with a 3a Pixel when there is already a top of the line flagship pixel 3 and 3xl? The answer to that is simple the chief financial officer came out with a statement regarding sales of the 3 and 3xl saying that sales were way down and she felt it be related to the pressures in the flagship smartphone market. So, with a better price and retaining as much of the awesome qualities especially the Camera the idea was to draw in a wide range of customers and boost sales. Now back to talk on the Camera. One of my favorite features is the time-lapse video mode. This feature allows you to compress up to 20 minutes of video into 10 seconds. Claiming to have the best camera in its class after partnering with a legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. So, to be specific the exact specs are the rear camera has a 12.2MP dual-pixel Sony IMX363 sensor lens, it also comes with f/1.8 aperture and optical and electronic stabilization but if that is not enough, they have kept the dual focus phase detection. What is not found on this device is the spectral/flicker sensor and the pixel visual core. One great thing I happened to stumble across was that during video recording the screen will auto adjust the brightness to compensate for battery optimization while still recording great video quality. Another feature that Google is really known for is the night sight and yes, this 3a has this feature. The night sight is crazy in that it can be pitch black and the camera can give a daytime feel.  The front camera is an 8MP and nothing too super exciting about that. Overall I wouldn’t say that I am going to replace my DSLR any time soon however this is the best I could ask for when it comes to phone quality pictures with a little disappointment in the photo processing speed but it doesn’t disappoint enough to where I wouldn’t recommend because for the price this is great.


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Providing pictures taken by the phone speak louder than words alone! Especially if you are able to provide a comparison from two different phones!

@ramosjg wrote: The night sight is crazy in that it can be pitch black and the camera can give a daytime feel.