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Like to Take Pictures? LG G 6 Will Likely Make You Snap!


Where do I begin? Photography has always been a hobby of mine and with general life getting in the way I don't have as much time for it as I'd like to. This is why I get so excited with mobile phones that have great camera's in them, as it gives me a chance to have fun doing something I enjoy without feeling like I missed an opportunity because my camera isn't with me. 


For starters, one of my favorite types of photography is time lapse, for the longest time I've been using an app called Lapse IT Pro and with all my other devices it has been a must have app so I very happy to see that the LG G6 has this feature included within the native camera app, Just open the camera and click "Mode>Time Lapse".

Here is a quick time lapse video I took at my old office


Definitely, a lot of fun to play with and gives you the opportunity to get some interesting video! I highly recommend playing around with it.


Moving on to the camera itself, I can't say enough about it. I have truly enjoyed the camera on the G6 and it's hard to put into words how good it is so here are a few shots I've taken recently:







This was a result of Google Photo's getting ahold of my picture and turning it into a Google Awesome photo!


The level of detail is amazing and, as I stated, I am truly blown away by the quality of the camera on the G6


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Community Manager

That teaser picture kills me!


Which teaser pic? One of the foodie pics?

Community Manager

There's a cat that shows up in his teaser.  I literally LOL'd

Sprint Product Ambassador

outstanding blog on the camera functionality!