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Long press shortcuts on the LG V30+

Sprint Product Ambassador

Since Android’s original release in 2008, the platform has developed and expanded on the concept of icons, shortcuts, and widgets that allow quick and easy access to apps or app features that are important to the user.  The OS changes, evolves, and grows every year, to hone the experience that it offers the end user.  A major part of the evolution of Android is the culture surrounding it’s “fracturization”.  Every OEM has at one point or another created their own Graphic User Interface (GUI) overlay to make Android “better”.  They’ve even had clever names like Touchwiz, Sense, and UX.  But in the end, there has always been the idea that icons and widgets are the two main tools that users can implement to access their favorite apps on the Android home screen.

With the V30+, the homescreen icon can also serve as a widget.  Nifty as it seems, it requires users to manage their homescreens differently because of the way that the stock LG UX manages apps.  Apps do not go in to an app tray.  They are simply compiled on multiple homescreens, which can make for a bit of a mess if the phone is loaded with a LOT of apps.  The solution is to use folders to organize categories of apps and hide app icons that have been deployed on the homescreen using widgets. 

But I digress…

This is not about organizing the UX desktop.  This is a much more granular glimpse at the long press shortcut options.  The following pictures are examples of some of the shortcuts that are available using some of the stock and popular app icons that are available on V30+:Capture+_2017-12-13-10-06-07.pngCapture+_2017-12-13-10-04-18.pngCapture+_2017-12-13-10-05-32.png


Shortcuts that are available are not all the same.  They can be as general as a search of the data associated with the app – like with Amazon Video – to something as specific as sending a text message to a Favorite contact in the stock messaging app (not pictured here... to protect the innocent).  They are very nifty shortcuts, and even the animation is aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, the LG UX experience is VERY sharp, and this is just one of the small features built in to the platform that should catapult LG in to the conversation about mobile device supremacy…. Starting with their G and V series handsets.