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Moto E4 screen is secretly REALLY GOOD

Sprint Product Ambassador

Don’t be alarmed…


Moto E4 is keeping up with the Jones’ on building up the mid-range market segment.  The device is filling the gap quite nicely, and is on par if not ahead of the curve with its new line of E4 devices.  Focusing on the Sprint version, although it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner or the shatterproof screen, I’ve found that the specs are at or above the level of comparable devices from other OEM’s. 

For today, we can talk about the screen performance. 

If you are not one for watching full movies or binging on YouTube for hours on a sub 5” screen, the E4 will still deliver on your day to day activities.  It never misses a swipe, or a tap, or a pinch to zoom.  The screen’s reaction to moderate to intense Android navigation is quite impressive, especially when you compare it with other mid-level handsets.  Generally speaking, when we say “mid-level”, the term infers a built in degree of lagginess or just plain old non-responsiveness, depending on how loaded up your handset is.  That’s the thing with this device – I have been loading it with ALL of my favorite software, and it still performs!

Email – 5 stars: no delay in swiping to delete.  No delay in typing or using swipe to type.  No delay on tapping attachments to open and view, etc.

Browsing – 4 stars: I can’t say that the screen resolution is the greatest, but it wasn’t meant to be.  For normal everyday browsing, you won’t notice that you are on a mid-range device.  It reacts well, and images and web pages are as clear and utile as on a larger, flagship device screen.

Pictures – 3 stars: sometimes I feel like it’s somewhat grainy, but for what it lacks in resolution, it makes up for in responsiveness.  VERY quick to open pix and images, and does a good enough job delivering some pretty decent pictures.

Video – 4.5 stars*: with an asterisk… why?  Because it’s not 4K or ultra HD.  But really, on a screen this size, who cares?  It’s slightly smaller than its older brother – the Moto Z2 Force – but the screen makes up for lack of resolution with performance, again.  And then, you have to consider that when you are watching a video on a screen this size, the resolution really doesn’t matter, unless you are using it to edit ultra high quality images, in which case, you are using the wrong handset.

I watched a full Netflix movie on this device, and I can tell you two things.  1 – eventually I won’t be able to watch Netflix movies on ANY phones… my eyes are just no good anymore.  2 – No choppiness, no lag, no pixilation.  “London Has Fallen” was just as action-packed as it was on my big screen, and the only thing that it really lacked was size.  Otherwise, it’s more than fine for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or any other streaming service you like to use.  Even the 4K stuff comes through nicely, although it won’t be 4K.

Honestly, I had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that this is NOT considered a high end phone.  It does so much so well, and doesn’t get bogged down with performance issues due to hardware shortcomings, that it’s hard to argue with the value of this device. 

Don’t believe me?

Head to the store yourself to see.  Remember – it’s not going to have that PREMIUM handset feel, but it’s also going to perform A LOT BETTER than you would expect from such a reasonably priced phone.