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Moto Z2 Force – Camera and OCR (optical character recognition)

Sprint Product Ambassador

I’ll be honest I accidentally stumbled upon this cool feature. I took a picture of a poster and a list of options popped up afterward. I reached out to the Motorola blog to find out why and that’s when I found out about OCR (optical character recognition). The phone recognizes that something on the page may be contact information and then provides you with a shortcut to add it to your contacts, email, call, and so on. This is often used to scan business cards but I hadn’t tried that and never thought it would pull from a poster. I also tried it out on letterhead I received but it didn’t pick up on that. After further investigation I found that it was due to the text on the contact info being in gold italics and OCR doesn’t like italics.


This is what I saw after taking the picture of the poster. Notice all the icons? That’s a lot of options just from taking a single picture. I could add to contacts, email, text, share, copy and so on. 




I decided to try this with a business card and it works great. You don’t even have to take the picture and it will give you an option to save it just by hovering over the object with the camera. I never even thought about using the camera to organize all of the business cards I have, but now I have them in my contacts just by hoovering over the card or taking a picture. The only mention of how to do this is in the camera setting and it is very short and not really any details.

If you go into camera settings (open camera and swipe left to right) and select replay tutorial, it is mentioned you can use the camera as a scanner but there aren’t any actual settings for it or further direction. 



This is how you store the object as a contact. 




Pretty cool. Glad I happened across it. Hope this helps you too. Just another one of those bonuses for owning the Moto Z2 Force.  Smiley Happy


For all of the official details on the Moto Z2 Force click here



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