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Moto e4 First Impression

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello Moto!





 First Impression:

The form factor on this phone is really perfect.  I have long been a believer in large phones but holding this phone feels just right.  The screen can be easily reached with one hand yet is still vibrant, bright and readable.

Screen Size: 5''

Overall Dimensions: 2.87'' width x 5.66'' length x 0.3'' deep



For the tech nerds this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 427 Octa core chip.  But what does that really mean?

My measurement for this comes down to how fast can the phone keep up with you.  When you press a button does it respond? Or is there lag when you switch screens?  

I'm happy to report with Moto's near stock implementation of Android I did not experience any noticeable lag in normal operation.  Actually I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth android responded to my presses and scrolls.  

Hello5.gifSmooth like Butter.

Also there is a plus to choosing Sprint's version of this phone as the Snapdragon 427 supports carrier aggregation for faster download speeds, whereas the unlocked version has a Snapdragon 425 and does not.  



When I first took this phone out of the box I was surprised by how light it was.  Then I realized I hadn't put in the battery yet.  This was a change as so many phones nowadays have a non removable battery.  And actually this is a great thing because it means you can get a spare and always have a full charge.  But here is the thing, I haven't even come close so far to needing one.  The battery is 2800 mAh and is rated for 19 hours of talk time.  In my week with the phone I don't think I have gotten it below 50% charge once.  


Overall first impressions made a believer out of me.  You can have a economical phone that checks a lot of boxes that you would expect out of a phone costing 5 times as much.


Stay tuned!


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Sprint Product Ambassador

The removable battery tricked me too!