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Moto e4 Plus First Look: The Plus Means Better

Sprint Product Ambassador

E4 2.PNGMoto E4 Plus is a great upgrade to the highly capable E4


I was a big fan of the Moto e4 which I previously tested and I am happy to report that the Moto e4 plus is a great upgrade to that phone for only $270 dollars outright or $10 a month on a Sprint Flex plan.  

This phone reminds me of something from the past. One of my most favorite phones ever. The Nexus 6.  The similarities are abundant.  Large screen with near stock android made by Motorola with outstanding build quality.  As soon as i picked this phone up I knew i would enjoy it and for the week i have used it so far I was right,  I do love large screens and minimal Android skins.



Holy Battery BatmanLegitimateFondGreatdane-max-1mb.gifThis battery will power your adventures for days.


This battery goes and goes and then goes some more.  I look forward to testing the battery with one of my totally unscientific battery tests where I run it on Youtube until it dies.  I have a feeling it will easily best my current champ at 10 hours.  Look for that to come later this week.  Anyway for you spec nerds this battery is a massive 5,000 mAh.  This is a big improvement over the 2,800 mAH in the regular e4.  


E4 3.PNGFingerprint? YES!



Fingerprints are back!

As much as I liked the regular e4 one thing that I really missed was the fingerprint scanner and I am happy to report that it is back on the e4 plus model.  I am also happy to report that it is a really good scanner that opens the device accurately and quickly when you place your finger over the button on the bottom front.



I mentioned it earlier but the screen on this phone is great its a BIG 5.5 inch screen with accurate color representation and other tweaks like nighttime mode that filters the blue light out to make the phone easier to read at night.  I have a feeling I am really going to like watching multimedia on this device.



I look forward to using this device and giving you a full true and honest review but so far I am really liking this device and for only $270?  I'll take 2!