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Motorola E4 Plus - Add Some Storage (Internal or Portable)

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola E4 Plus - Add Some Storage (Internal or Portable)




The Sprint Moto E4 Plus comes with 16GB of storage. After the OS the user is given roughly 12GB of actual storage. Some may say this is not enough. That's why you have the option to add an additional storage via the microSD card slot. Up to an additional 128GB of storage can be added. This storage can be utilized as portable storage or internal storage.  


To add a MicroSD card simply remove the back panel carefully. Located right above the SIM card is the slot for the MicroSD card. Simply slide your card into the slot. The device will auto recognize a card was inserted and will begin the process of formatting it. You have 2 options Portable or Internal. 




Portable media has the ability to remove the card to be used in other devices for moving and storing data. When enabled on the phone and formatted the device will ask if you wish to move files off the internal storage onto the card. You can choose to move photos, videos and Music. This is a one-time move of files at the time of installing the card. Any future moves of files will need to be done manually through the devices storage section of the settings menu or through 3rd party file management applications. If you wish for the card to be used for storage of photos you must modify the camera application to do so.  Access the camera application swipe right on the screen to access the settings. Under the General section sub category storage you can now select memory card to be used for all future camera captures. 


 Screenshot_20171001-121653.png Screenshot_20171001-121713.png Screenshot_20171001-121958.png


Internal Media takes the added micro SD card and combines it with the internal memory to give you now a combined storage option. When the Micro SD card is used this way the card should never be removed. Removing the card could cause loss of services and possible failure of applications. It should be know that when utilizing this method the MicroSD card being used must be of faster read/write abilities. My card was too slow and as such I get a popup advising of the issues. It is recommended to utilize a high speed card, such as a UHS-1 type or better. Once formatted for internal use the device will ask if it can move your media over to the card. If you chose yes this will start moving your photo, music, videos, and also your applications and their storage and the card will become the primary path for all future applications and databases. If you choose later than the regular internal storage will remain the preferred location for all application installs. 


Screenshot_20171001-122805.png Screenshot_20171001-123232.png


High speed card are identified by these logos:



Even though the E4 Plus comes with limited storage users are not limited in any way. Thanks to Android you can easily pop in a card for additional storage and convert the new card to either become permanent to the device or remain removable. The option is yours.


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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