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Motorola E4 Plus - More Than Just a Fingerprint Reader

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola E4 Plus - More Than Just a Fingerprint Reader




The Motorola E4 Plus on Sprints network comes with the added bonus of having a fingerprint scanner built in. The sensor is located at bottom center of the device face. If you have never heard of or used a fingerprint scanner let me give you a break down on what the sensor does. 


The biometric sensor when setup scans your preferred finger(s) taking snapshots and recording the ridges, pores, and other details that are unique to your print. This data is only stored locally on your device both securely and encrypted. The chip storing the data is secured through Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) based trustzone technology. This technology keeps the data separate from application data and does not allow any part of the stored data to be accessed by applications operating on the regular system environment.  




To setup the feature if it was not done at the time of first activating the device go to settings - personal - security. Select Fingerprint, here you will be advised that the sensor will be used to unlock the phone. You must have an alternate screen lock option setup to use the fingerprint sensor. You can choose anyone of the standard methods pattern, pin, or password. Once setup you are ready to begin recording your print. 


Follow the screen options. When ready place the finger on the sensor. You will need to raise and lower your finger in different areas of the finger sensor to cover the whole finger. Make sure you are turning your finger sides as well as vertical when recording your patterns. Once complete you will be given an option to add another finger or move on. You can add a total of 5 different prints. 


Screenshot_20171015-095149.png Screenshot_20171015-095158.png Screenshot_20171015-095206.png


Once complete you are now ready to use your prints to unlock you phone. As an added bonus you can now use your newly created fingerprint to control and navigate your device. This will free up space on your screen for the navigation bar giving you more visibility. 


go from Nav Bar.jpg to this Sensor.jpg


Motorola includes this option under the Moto Actions Application. When you access the application you will configuring the one button nav option. Enable this feature and click on more settings to learn how to navigate using only the fingerprint sensor. 


moto App.jpg


When Moto One Button Nav is enable the following can be done.


  • To go Home - Just tap the finger print sensor
  • To go back - Swipe from right to the left on the sensor to go back

                      (same as the back arrow used in navigation bar.)

  • Open Recent Apps - Swipe from left to the right on the sensor
  • Lock Screen - Touch and hold the sensor until you feel a SHORT buzz
  • Lauch Google Assistant - Touch and hold the sensor until you feel a LONG buzz


If you wish to return to the onscreen navigation button simply return to the Moto Actions application and turn off "One button nav". This is clearly one of the best features I have seen on android and to have it in this mid-range device is amazing. One caveat to keep in mind is at times of restarting your device you will need to enter your optional security method first before utilizing the finger print sensor. Otherwise enjoy faster accessing and navigating of you E4 Plus device.


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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