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Motorola E5 Plus - Making Your Own Ringtones with FM Radio Application

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola E5 Plus - Making Your Own Ringtones with FM Radio Application



Incorporated with the Moto E5 Plus is the FM Radio application. Yes the old fashion terrestrial radio that has been around for decades. Kids these days may not even know what it is with the creation of streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, or yes even Apple Music. FM Radio still plays a large part in communities and has long been the way to hear your favorite tunes played. Motorola embeds the FM Player Application into their device and works only when you have headphones. The headphones are used as the antenna making this feature hard to remove.


Connect your headphones as soon as you open the application and it begins its first initial scan of the stations available. Once complete you are presented a display showing the active station being listened to. At the top are 3 icons a radio icon, list icon and Heart icon. The Radio icon shows the active radio station. You can press the arrows pointing left or right to change the station to the next preset station learned when scanned. You can also scroll to the station by sliding left or right on the visual dial provided at the bottom. If you know the exact station clicking the station number in the center brings up frequency input bar. Simply enter the frequency of the channel select done and you will be taken to that channel to listen to.  


When selecting the list icon this will give all the stations the radio has picked up for selection. To change stations simply selecting the station. When listening to stations if you find several that have become your favorite then select the heart icon to make this station become added to your favorites for easier access. Your favorite stations will be listed under the hear icon tab. On this screen you will straight access to your favorites. Just like on the list section just clicking the station will change the channel to that station for listening. 


Some of the features of the FM Application include:

Light or Dark mode

Change favorite icon from hearts to Stars

Sleep Timer if you like to fall asleep listening to music

Audio playback from Headphones, Speaker, or Bluetooth device



That's right this neat application allow you to record anything you listen to on the radio and save it for later playback. Think of this feature like having the old school boombox tape recorder. You can record all your songs and yes even the announcer sometimes gets pulled into recording. But one feature over looked is you have the ability to make your own ringtones from these recordings. If you have a favorite band or artist simply plug in begin listening and when that song plays start the recording. Record the whole song or your favorite part you control when to stop it. I typically try to only record between 20-30 seconds as that is the standard size for ringtones. 


Once you create your recording simply navigate in your phones settings to the sound section, Phone Ringtone. Scroll to the bottom and select "Add ringtone". This will open a new box and nothing may be listed. You will need to navigate to where your FM Radio saves its recording. Select the menu option top left corner (3 horizontal lines) next select Audio, Choose the Unknown folder, then fmrecording folder, finally select the song you want to use. Once selected it will be added. Now go back and scroll and find your song and set it as your new ringtone. 


Video Outlining the FM Radio and Navigating its features:


Video outlining the recording feature and turning it into a ringtone:


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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