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Motorola E5 Plus vs. E4 Plus - Snap That Picture

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola E5 Plus vs. E4 Plus - Snap That Picture





The Motorola E5 Plus comes built with a 12MP 2.0 Aperture back display camera and a 8MP 2.2 aperture front display camera. This is slightly different than its past E4 Plus device. This device housed a 13MP back camera with 2.0 aperture and a front 5MP 2.2 aperture. Not much difference in size but the E5 Plus should make up for it with its built in Laser AutoFocus. The following will be a side by side comparison photo shoot between the E4 and E5 Plus devices.


I have made no modifications to the camera settings, no lightening up or darkening what you see is the camera shot as the auto focus and colors can be displayed. 


IMG_20180617_140150909.jpgE4               IMG_20180617_140108183.jpgE5

IMG_20180617_140228514.jpgE4               IMG_20180617_140222360.jpgE5


IMG_20180617_140318651.jpgE4              IMG_20180617_140314866.jpgE5 



 IMG_20180617_140506196.jpgE4             IMG_20180617_140504149.jpgE5IMG_20180617_140737661.jpgE4             IMG_20180617_140746066.jpgE5IMG_20180617_141045814_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpgE4             IMG_20180617_141049612.jpgE5IMG_20180617_141107943_BURST001.jpgE4             IMG_20180617_141136739.jpgE5IMG_20180617_142021455_LL.jpgE4IMG_20180617_142039814_LL.jpgE5

From my conclusion the camera sensor on the E4 takes a more vibrant picture while the E5 seems to be more washed out.  I'm sure with manual settings enabled you can modify the quality of the shot to be more vibrant. But for Me I'd rather take out the camera and point and shoot and hope the sensor can auto tune the image for the best quality. I am not a professional photographer but from these images you can clearly see a distinct difference in quality. 


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Interesting that the newer phone takes slightly weaker photos - thanks for the side-by-side shots!