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Motorola Z2 Force - App Shortcuts - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello everyone!


Today’s topic is app shortcuts on the Motorola Z2 Force smartphone. If you’re wondering, yes this is virtually the same as my article on the Motorola e4 (here), yet it was necessary for the Z2 Force just the same! The Z2 Force comes out of the box with Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), which is Google’s latest public operating system (8.0 Oreo was announced 8/21, but is not available for the Motorola Z2 Force at this time – no word on when/if that will occur at this time). Android Nougat brought along a neat feature that applications can leverage, and the Motorola Z2 Force ensures that the user can take advantage of this function.


What are App Shortcuts?

Devices running Android 7.1 with app versions built with the Android 7.1 structure can define shortcuts for quick access items without having to open the application first. Of course, these are only visible with a supported launcher, therefore some manufacturers may have a UX launcher that prevents the operation of the App Shortcuts – The Motorola Z2 Force does not have a UX overlay that prevents this, in fact the Moto Z2 Force is plain and simply Android!


An app can have up to five shortcuts at any given time and they can be static, dynamic, or pinned. The main ones you will typically see are static (don’t change unless there’s an app update) are dynamic (can changed based on defined conditions within the app infrastructure).  You can see some additional details on Android’s Developer site HERE


Using App Shortcuts:

Many Google apps contain App Shortcuts already, and many more applications published by other vendors utilize the shortcuts as well. You will find that not all applications use this feature, but many are coming on board with implementing the shortcuts over time.


To access an app shortcut, simply long-press on the application of your choice. You will often see a submenu pop up with shortcuts to quick action tasks. For example, long pressing on Android Messages will open a context menu text message frequent/most recent contacts or to draft a new message.


If an app does not have an app shortcut when long pressing, you’ll know because it does not show up and the application icon wants to be moved around your screen or from your app tray to your home screen.



Here are some examples of App Shortcuts in action:


Screenshot_20170822-070255.pngFitbitScreenshot_20170822-070016.pngAndroid MessagesScreenshot_20170822-070046.pngGoogle PhotosScreenshot_20170822-070133.pngAmazon Prime Video (although the others don't, sadly)Screenshot_20170822-070033.pngSlack


Press, tap, and get going

The combination of Android Nougat and the Moto Z2 Force make it easy to press, tap and get going. Easily text someone without having to scroll through the application to find the conversation, compose a tweet quickly from the app without having to open the application, or even shuffle your Play music while at the gym. There are numerous ways App Shortcuts can work for you, and it is great to see the Moto Z2 Force take advantage of core Android OS functionalities such as this one!


As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for other updates and tips and tricks on the Motorola Z2 Force! If you have questions or general feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below!


Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

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