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Motorola Z2 Force Moto Actions Are Useful and NOT over the top

Sprint Product Ambassador

In the past, I’ve been mildly annoyed by the purveyance of motion-activated “shortcuts”, as they didn’t seem to work very well, and they were for features that I wasn’t necessarily interested in. Motorola has baked in some Actions – aptly named Moto Actions – which launch or enable various apps, features, and states on your Z2 Force. Some of the apps are old classics which we’ve always tried to launch with shortcut buttons or gestures, and others are nifty workarounds to utilities which we lean on more without even knowing it. Maybe I’ve softened in my years, or maybe they’ve just refined the actions to the point where I find them very useful, but I have enjoyed the Moto Actions that I’ve enabled on my handset. Briefly, here’s what they are and how they work:
One Button Nav: This option takes the Android navigation buttons – home, back, and recent apps – and integrates them in to the fingerprint sensor/button. There are other blogs about JUST THIS feature, because it is actually quite convenient. For lazy swipers, it will keep you on your toes to make sure you aren’t just hitting the button and hoping it will react for you. It requires you to be pretty accurate with what you want to do.
Chop Twice for Flashlight: It works like a charm. Two chops turn it on. Two more chops turns it off. SUPER useful, especially if you are working on something in the dark or one of your hands is dirty and you can’t use your phone with two hands…
Twist for Quick Capture: Enables the camera about 90% of the time. Occasionally it doesn’t work for me, but that may be as much about the angle that I’m using the phone as maybe my twisting motion. That said, the first two twists will turn on the camera. If you twist twice again while you are in camera mode, it will toggle between the rear facing camera and the front facing camera. VERY nifty shortcut, especially if you have something in your other hand!
Swipe to Shrink Screen: Works well, but you do need to focus on swiping to the corner of the screen. If you just go to the bottom edge, it won’t work. That said, it is VERY comfortable for one handed operation. Nice feature to make everything on the screen more reachable, again, if you don’t have both hands available for use.
Pick up to Stop Ringing: Quite frankly, I haven’t seen it work for me, although I haven’t noticed. Although the “Hallo Moto…” ring tone is quite scandalous, I have spent most of my energy just trying to silence it with the volume rocker keys. Still, it’s a great idea – just not sure how well it works.
Flip for Do Not Disturb: I would use this if I could actually go to Do Not Disturb mode during the day. It seems to work, but I can’t use it, even during conference calls, because I want to see who’s calling me.
Approach for Moto Display: VERY cool feature. Enables the “always on” display, even when the phone is in standby mode. You wave your hand at the screen, and a very minimalist display lights in black and white, giving you the time, temperature, battery life (using a circle graphic), and notification icons for apps that have been enabled on the home screen. You can actually type out replies/responses to some of those apps, such as SMS messages, Whatsapp, and Spotify. And if you don’t interact with the updates, then they will fade in about 5 seconds.
Moto has provided a very CLEAN suite of options and features which are very useful in everyday mobile phone usage. It’s not something that will make or break a deal, but it’s definitely a plus for the Z2 Force which should endear this phone to end users even more if you haven’t yet used these options!