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Motorola Z2 Force – Shattered or Scratched Screens: which do you prefer

Sprint Product Ambassador

Motorola has hit a home run with their shatterproof technology.  The combination of materials and chemical treatments has definitely saved my skin – at least once a week – with the new Moto Z2 Force.  But is it a game changer?  Let’s take a look

Pros of Shatterproofing – Obviously, it’s the absence of damage to your screen, especially when your phone takes that innocent little tumble from your shallow pocket as you get out of your car, or when the charging cable gets caught on your pinky-finger/big-toe/loose clothes and falls to the floor…. AND DOESN’T SHATTER THE SCREEN!  By extension, the other benefit of shatterproof screens is that you don’t have to buy a case for the device.  I was thinking about WHY people tell me my device looks so slim, and it’s because they are used to seeing high end devices wrapped up in a case, and thus, much bulkier.  REALLY makes a difference in how the handset looks.

Cons of Shatterproofing – screen scratches.  If you thought they were bad with your screen protectors or with other devices, the Moto takes it to a whole new level.  There is a special coating – almost like a gel or glue – that sits on top of the screen.  While this treatment will almost guarantee that your screen will not shatter in minor falls, it can 100% guarantee that it will scratch at the touch of a key, or spare change, or a USB drive banging around in your pocket.  I am now consciously and actively putting my phone in my pocket either with the screen facing away from my keys, or in another pocket without keys.  And yet, I still have knicks and scratches all over my screen.

So does it look bad?  Maybe a little.  But for my family and friends who LOVE to drop their phones a few times a week, this is the solution for them.  Instead of walking around for the remaining 13 months of your lease with a shatter screen, you can live with the comfort of knowing that MOST impacts will not break your Moto Z2 Force’s screen.  And this protection is not surface specific.  I’ve dropped it on carpet, hardwood, concrete, asphault, gym floors, metal furniture supports, and gravel, and it only looks slightly scratched.

So that’s overhead that I don’t need to worry about with regards to replacing a damaged screen or buying a case.

Definitely worth the look for clumsy users!